The creation of your dream space is a 4 part process based on open and honest communication and a mutual respect for one another’s time and resources.

First, are we a “good fit”? I believe there is a specific designer for every client. However, I am not the designer FOR every client.

Are you willing to trust me and step outside your comfort zone? Are you ready to collaborate?

If you can say “yes” to these questions, I can promise you I will listen to you, I will hear you, and I will do my best to exceed the goals and dreams you have for your home.


The Discovery phase is loaded with questions.

I learn about your family, your kids, your pets, and how you live in your space. We discuss furniture you wish to reuse, your treasures, how you like to entertain, and use particular spaces... no stone is left unturned.

Finally, I ask what three adjectives you imagine describing the space when we are done designing it.



After the Discovery phase, I have an understanding of your style. Additional visuals from Pinterest boards, Houzz ideabooks, or binder of magazine images initiate the design discussions.

Next we talk numbers. Do you have a realistic budget? Items are prioritized based on the budget as I begin putting together a cohesive plan by room. This is a multistep, back-and-forth process between the two of us. There are meetings at my office, trips to secret suppliers, emails are exchanged.

Floor plans are presented, along with fabrics, finishes, furniture, and an accompanying timeline and budget.

Finally, a written proposal is drafted for your review and approval before orders are placed.

My view on being a client changed. Instead of viewing her as 'the expert' who was going to run the show, I ended up with a relationship that was a lot more collaborative.

We stayed on budget, on schedule, we were organized, we figured out each others' role in the collaboration and I'd never experienced that before.

I didn't feel like a client, I felt like a partner.



With a signed proposal, my team and I go to work efficiently managing the production and procurement of all the pieces in the design plan. This requires an extraordinary amount of attention to detail.

Depending on the scope of the project, this can take months and requires patience from you. Custom pieces are painstakingly designed. We work with our most trusted and vetted craftsmen and tradespeople--from architects, builders, and general contractors, to upholsterers, drapery workrooms, antique restorers, and painters.

The focus remains on quality, the timeline, and budget.



Everything has been constructed, purchased, and received. It is time for delivery and installation.

We coordinate all the details and make sure the final layer, or “icing” is installed… the art hung, flowers arranged, and bookshelves accessorized.

Those three adjectives you used to describe your space initially have come to fruition- now you can SEE and EXPERIENCE the results of our collaboration!


Jenna asked, 'What's your dream version of the bedroom?’ I said I wanted a French salon with a seating area and living space — and Jenna nailed it.

My husband wanted a full bar like 1960s Mad Men and she did that perfectly, too.

Now my house is grown up, fully realized, peaceful, and soothing.