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My partners and I at Balance Development worked with Jenna on two luxury, green, 4500 square foot single family homes we developed in Chicago in 2008. She was in charge of every specification that had to be made in the construction of a new home- exterior selections as well as interior. We chose Jenna over several other designers. She took time upfront to understand the project specifics and our philosophy. Jenna was creative and realistic in working within our budget. She excelled at both managing our relationship and interfacing with the appropriate trades. Tradesmen usually have a difficult time working with designers. Our trades did not. Finally, Jenna’s ability to adapt on the fly was phenomenal. All projects have issues. Jenna came up with solutions. She had multiple, practical approaches to problem solving, all within budget. We asked Jenna back to stage our homes when we put them on the market. We, at Balance Development, highly recommend Jenna and would hire her again on future development projects

- Balance Development

I waited for months (okay years) to make many changes to the house because my husband and I do not like the distraction, mess or expense of remodeling, and there always was the thought that we might move to bigger house or leave for the suburbs. I asked Jenna to take a quick look to give her assessment of what we could do to make the house more livable immediately, and potentially impact any potential sale. Jenna immediately responded with detailed plans for several rooms, and ideas to make changes throughout the house - some large and some small - that would make an immediate impact. After talking through what our family needs and wants, Jenna quickly picked up our style and requirements, passing over many time wasting and more expensive options for what would work best for us. She then brought in Scott Elliott as the general contractor. Jenna and Scott work remarkably well together and coordinated all the services we needed on our project. Jenna was closely involved, coordinating schedules and time lines. Ultimately, the team produced a remarkable new living space for us - on schedule and on budget. The latter two cannot be overstated - there were no "hidden costs"; it was all very transparent. Not only are we very pleased with the finished work, but we no longer are looking to move. Jenna and her team were able to change a frustrating living experience into a home. Thanks Jenna.

- Kathryn

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jenna. She is extremely diligent in her work and is completely dependable in meeting ones' timelines. She listens to clients and their needs while at the same time inspiring them with her own amazing flare. Her creativity allows her to blend the old with the new and while she is very conversant with all the big design houses, she is equally comfortable with finding unique accents at places as diverse as Target and Pottery Barn. Her superb eye for style and her forthright and open personality are a perfect combination; you will not find anyone better to work with!

- Eva

We recently moved to the Chicago area and were looking forward to creating a "city feel" for our new home. A good friend of mine recommended Jenna and said she would be perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.

Jenna has been a real pleasure to work with. She has a great eye for color, placement of furniture and overall floor plan design. Jenna helped me to think beyond my traditional ideas and to explore more contemporary and colorful designs. I appreciated her attention to detail and the hard work to make sure that everything turned out like I wanted.

I highly recommend Jenna to anyone looking to create that special design in their home. I'm looking forward to working with Jenna in the future.

- Lisa

Jenna Wedemeyer has transformed my home from merely comfortable to serene and elegant. Her inspiration and guidance has allowed us to enjoy our home more than we ever imagined. She listens to your needs and desires and guides the design so it is a true reflection of your personality — only more brilliant. She has many valuable resources to accommodate any needs and ideas. Her tradesmen are extremely skilled, reliable, and easy to work with. We can't wait to start on the next project!

- Margo

Jenna redecorated my entire house, including every surface inside and out. The transformation was incredible. Jenna started with a house that was a complete disaster - old wallpaper, beat up hardwood floors, etc. Now I have a house that is a sophisticated and peaceful place where I can find a soft landing at the end of a busy day. Jenna's taste is impeccable. But what really sets her apart as an excellent designer is her ability to connect with her clients, understand their lifestyle, and coach them through the process by providing the right balance between being directive and being flexible. For example, I kept gravitating toward expensive silk rugs, but Jenna knew that, with our dogs, we would soon be disappointed with a high-maintenance carpet. She suggested a much more affordable alternative - and it looks great! She's great at managing a budget and knows how to distinguish investment pieces vs where to save money. Jenna was great at coaching me through the changes I needed to make - like getting rid of clutter and old furniture. I couldn't be more pleased with Jenna's work!!

- Lisa

We hired Jenna to help us redesign/remodel/decorate our city home. She far exceeded our expectations. The project entailed remodeling a kitchen (including cabinets, counters, tile, appliances, lighting, paint), master bathroom, powder room; and redesigning/decorating dining room, living room, a child's bedroom; as well as providing design advise for odds and ends around the house. Jenna initially surveyed the house and gave her gut reactions; she then sat down with us to determine our budget, plan, hopes and dreams. She understood (and heard) our tastes and helped us reach our goals without being too obtrusive about her own style. She was respectful of our vision; yet, never shy about providing her opinion. At times we butted heads on style but she was usually right about the choice. It did not take me long to learn to trust her opinion and instinct. Jenna has many strong and unique qualities about her. If I had to choose one particular thing I liked best about working with Jenna (other than her witty sense of humor) I would have to say that it was her ability to mix high end elegance with bargains and "garage-sale" finds. She could take a $10 bowl, fill it with $100 of upscale plants and make it look like a million bucks. She also has a great talent with taking what you already have in your home and making it better. My initial plan was to get rid of everything and have her redecorate it all. She convinced us to keep many pieces and either repurpose them or style them in a way we never envisioned. I only wish that I had a bigger house so Jenna could work on more projects for us.

- Rachel

Jenna Wedemeyer Design designed my living room, dining room and master bedroom. The project included significant tear out / rebuild work as well as the selection of new furniture, drapes, carpets etc. I gave them a specific budget to work within and all projects have come in on budget. I asked them to work with some of my existing furnishings and color schemes which they did beautifully. I am extremely happy with the work performed by Jenna and the subcontractors she brought to my projects. Jenna has a great eye and is flexible enough to see how to incorporate existing materials into her overall design. I would not even think of doing other projects without them.

- Jamie